Don't pay for what you don't need.

Create Your Own Recruitment Process!

Duff Recruitment gives you the flexibility to decide what recruitment process works better for you. Outsource the time consuming aspects of your process to our experienced team.
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We like to offer flexibility when it comes to your recruitment needs. Your company may only require assistance in certain aspects of the recruitment process, thatís why we offer you the opportunity to create your own recruitment process. Itís a great way of allowing us to take over the aspects of the recruitment process that you simply do have the time to do or that you require our expertise in.

By creating your own recruitment process; you can choose what aspects of the recruitment process you would like us to do, from writing your advertisement to conducting reference checks. This provides you with a flexible and cost-effective process to suit your specific hiring requirements. Why pay for recruitment services that you simply do not need or you can handle on your own.

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Please tick on the services below that your company would be interested in using and we will email you a quote on the costs with further information within 24 hours. One required
Write & Post Advertisement on
Convert your selection criteria to a online application and monitor applicants
Short-list resumes
Conduct candidate assessments against job criteria (this includes a face to face behavioral based interview and evaluating the candidates computer skills on one Microsoft Office package). You will receive a report summary on all evaluated applicants with our recommendations.
Utilize Duff Recruitments Assessment Centre (this includes evaluations on any Microsoft Office Package, Data-Entry Speed and accuracy or Typing Speed & accuracy)
Conduct job-related reference checks on potential applicants.
Conduct online Exit Interviews on leaving employees.

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