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How does the process work?

    It?s very easy.

  1. You provide us with the Referees contact details via our online request form.
  2. Choose the method you wish the referees to be contacted by (phone or web-based).
  3. Select which Referee Report you wish to use, hit submit and we will commence the process straight away for you.

How long will the process take?

If the referees can be contacted quickly and make themselves available, you can have your report on the same day you have submitted the request. Duff Recruitment do ask that you allow us 3 working days to have all reports to you, if we have any problems contacting a referee (they may be on annual leave or no longer working with the company) we will advice you straight away in order for you to provide another contact. Referees will receive daily reminders via email regarding their outstanding report and we can monitor web log-ins to see if they have started the process.

Why is this method easier for Referees?

Who should I ask the candidate to supply as reference?

You should always ask for the candidate?s previous or current supervisors to conduct the reference, they can attest to the candidates work performance. If a candidate has been self-employed or out of employment for a period of time, you can request that they provide a client or a fellow work colleague, this is at your discretion but please ensure you are happy with the referee you supply to us as we do not offer refunds due to a referee being unable to make comment on your preferred candidate.

What happens if you cannot make contact with the Referee we have supplied?

Duff Recruitment will keep you up to date via email with our attempts to contact a referee; we ask that you ensure the candidate has contacted all referees prior to submitting your request. This will ensure you that you have up to date telephone numbers and contact details. The fee for our service includes trying to make contact with the referee and preparation with reports.

We also recommend that you supply a third contact name and number and select the option on the Reference Request Form that you would like this referee contacted if unable to contact the first two referees.

How do I pay?

All prices and options are included on the Reference Request Form, once agreeing to the terms and conditions and total cost, you will receive an invoice via email once Duff Recruitment have completed your request.