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Privacy Policy

Duff Recruitment Pty Ltd provides reference checking services and is engaged by its clients to validate a potential employee's skills, qualifications, experience and background. We keep all candidates information confidential and it is not used for any other purpose other than reference checking.

Personal & Sensitive Information

Duff Recruitment collects personal information (whether true or not) about a person. Our information will include the opinions of others about a candidates previous work performances, work experiences, qualifications and any other specific information requested by the client to whom we are engaged by. In the process of verifying a candidate's professional background, we may receive additional information that is relevant to their application.

Duff Recruitment may receive sensitive information or opinion about a candidate whilst conducting a reference check. This information may include an individual's ethnic origin, political views, religious beliefs, union memberships, sexual preferences, criminal histories or health related issues. Sensitive or personal information provided by referees may be included in the candidate's reference report.

The Collection of Information

Duff Recruitment collects information on a candidate via reference checking methods. A full report on information collected is sent to the client who has engaged our services. Our clients are advised as a requirement that they disclose our service to their candidates prior to engaging us. We rely on accurate information being provided to us by clients and third parties (referees) via our secure website, online request forms, verbal contact, email or fax. We will use all reasonable measures to ensure that all information received is accurate and verified.

Storing Personal Information

Duff Recruitment electronically stores all Referee Reports and personal information in the strictest confidence. All our reports are only accessible to authorized staff of Duff Recruitment. Clients receive a copy of the Referee Reports via our secure website and will only be delivered information on their candidates that has been collected on their behalf.

Accessing Information

The National Privacy Principles outlines that candidates have a right to request a copy of any personal and sensitive information that we may hold or obtain. Personal information may only be released to candidates directly, if they would like the information to be released to a third-party then we would require a written request and authorized signature requesting this.

If the candidate believes that our information is not accurate, complete and up to date, Duff Recruitment will take reasonable steps to correct it if necessary. If we are unable to agree on accurate information, the candidate may provide a statement that highlights the inaccurate information so we can include this information in our report.