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Create Your Own Recruitment Process!

Duff Recruitment gives you the flexibility to decide what recruitment process works better for you. Outsource the time consuming aspects of your process to our experienced team.
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In today?s current employment climate, advertising and short-listing a high number of applications can take a lot of time.

Duff Recruitment has over 12 years experience in writing attractive job ads that result in suitable and eligible candidates applying for your role. We have carried out extensive research on job advertisements, industries and when the best time to place an Ad is.

If you?re looking for a trained eye to go through your resumes to ensure you are not inviting unsuitable candidates in for interviewing, we can take this task away from you. This can save you time and money and as a result you can short-list more effectively so your only interviewing candidates that we believe match what you?re seeking.

We all know resumes can be falsified; in fact 1 in every 4 resumes you look at is not a true indication of a candidate?s skill level. We are trained to read between the lines in order to make more accurate decisions.

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